The Broken Couch: Improv You Can Sink Into

BJ Scanlon and Jeff Andrews are a two man improv team better known as the Broken Couch. They have been working together in different amalgamations for almost 7 years and are now performing throughout the Northeast. Broken Couch discovers truth and comedy through playing pretend. It’s a late night children’s show, all created and performed on the spot like a freeform jazz duo…except BJ has no rhythm. So sit back, relax and settle into the groove; the Broken Couch is improv you can sink into.

These two first met through their work in No Laugh Track Required, SUNY Geneseo’s foremost improvisational troupe. The boys have also performed in and with such other improv groups as Unleashed! Comedy Improv, Search Engine Improv, Uncle Trouble, Manshee Chronicles, VIP Studios, Rochester’s Improv Plate, and are proud members and supporters of The Space. The Broken Couch believes in an artists’ collective and jumps at the opportunity to collaborate with other improvisational teams and artists of every medium. E-mail info@brokencouch.com for more information.

Jeff Andrews

Jeff Andrews is a master of characters with the ability to transform his body into an array of personas, both animate and inanimate. A handy man at heart, Jeff attributes his feisty work ethic to the Boy Scouts of America….or more likely, his countless neuroses. BJ describes Jeff as a bearded Mary Poppins in a hurricane. Currently, he is a reading specialist for Olympia High School in Rochester. Jeff also performs as a featured member of Canary in a Coal Mine Sketch Comedy group and has coached improv groups throughout Rochester, including Provumentary and Linda and the Heartbreakers, harold teams within Search Engine Improv.

BJ Scanlon

BJ Scanlon performs improv like poetry, utilizing his unforgiving and poignant language to enhance his cyclical style of comedy. BJ is sassy and a snappy dresser to boot. He feels at home combining his three p’s of fashion: paisley, plaid, and professional. Jeff describes BJ as a clown on his first day as an accountant. Currently, he works as a legislative aide and a Crisis Counselor for runaway and homeless youth. BJ also performs as a featured member of Canary in a Coal Mine Sketch Comedy group and currently coaches the improv group Provumentary.