Improv Plate is back!

Rochester’s monthly improv jam is back with vengeance for 2016. Hosted by Broken Couch, all experience and ability levels are encouraged to cut loose and create hilarity on the spot.

How it works:

1.) You show up – and if you want to play that night you’re in. It is absolutely free. Open to all experience and ability levels.

2.) Teams are drawn or picked on the spot. Nick Bricknet Johnson is always picked last. Teams will be picked at 7:10 or so.

3.) Teams huddle, and come up with names, and a strategy to play.

4.) Each team is given equal time to perform.

5.) Upcoming shows, auditions, and open mics announced at the end along with a few short form games to round out the evening.

And Broken Couch awards prizes to their favorite things that happen. Feel free to bring your own prizes as well! Food and drink will be available at the bar.

Where: Johnny’s Irish Pub

When: First Wednesday of every month, 7pm-9pm

Cost: Free to watch or play, just we ask you get a refreshment or food at the bar.

January’s plate specifics here.

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